Product Description

This dubbin wax specially formulated with mink oil for the maintenance of oiled and waxed leathers.

It has rich and intense nourishing properties as it deeply nourishes and softens leathers. The wax dubbin can also be used for the care of the shoe stitching area of your oiled shoes as it maintain a tough barrier to repel water.

Leather should have been cleaned and dusted with a polishing clotbefore applying the wax. In order to avoid excessive use of wax, do apply the wax using a brush or cotton cloth, this way the wax will be applied regularly to all the surface and will allow to penetrate the material properly. Please note that this product might change the leather tone to a darker shade, please try before applying onto more visible areas.

This wax nourishes heavily the leather, so do not overuse it. Just use it when leather starts to get dry.

  • Brand Famaco (france)
  • Volume 100ml tin