Ultraflex System

After last year's introduction: The Ultraflex System Chukka is back, just in time for the season.

The Ultraflex System is our newest take on the Goodyear Welt construction — A whole new system developed from scratch where Quality & Style meet real Comfort. This system is a combination of materials & technique making this chukka boot, possibly the most comfortable Welted boot in the market.

The Uppers are fully Unlined and more specifically for this chukka boot, we've selected the Castoro, a thick full grain calf suede from Italy. As opposed to the split suede, the Castoro keeps the grain preserving the leather's fibers intact, assuring a much better performance & aging. The grain is revealed in the interior of the boot — beautiful and buttery soft.


  • The Ultimate Unlined Chukka.

  • Fully redesigned pattern.

  • Made on the newly redesigned ROD last.

  • Fully Unlined uppers.

  • Available in 4 different shades of the beautiful Castoro Reverse Calf Suede from Italy.

  • Ultraflex System: Welting insole in Vegetable tanned leather + Calf lined Memory Foam Overinsole.

  • Vegetable tanned leather outsoles w/ close channel stitching.

  • Memory Foam filler on the forepart.

  • Steel shank + cork filler in the backpart for enhanced arch support.

  • Stacked leather heels made of Veg-tan leather bends with rubber inserts.

  • Soft toe puffs to preserve the toe shape.

The Footbed is filled with our adaptative Memory Foam on the forepart, while keeping the arch support with the steel shank & cork filler on the backpart.

The Welting insole, the structural insole which the welt is stitched to. Made of a Full grain Vegetable tanned leather which provides the structure to the boot & support needed.

On top of the Welting insole we've added an additional layer of our Memory Foam, the Removable Insole which is fully lined with full grain calf and aside from adding another level of comfort, is removable if needed.

The result is a flexible boot that, while providing the necessary support, is extremely comfortable, without forgetting the style — keeping the overall aesthetics and proportions. As it can be seen from the section above, the insulation this system provides is superb, the wearers foot is almost 3cm comfortably separated to the ground — as opposed with a cemented shoe which can be just a few millimeters.



This Chukka boot has been developed alongside our newest Last – the ROD Last.

The ROD last features soft & casual lines that perfectly fit the Chukka Boot's style. Keeping the casual look from our HOK last, but adjusted to be able to accommodate the double insole system during production, without affecting the overall fit.

We do recommend taking the same size you wear on the HIRO, ELTON or RON lasts, for a good fit and an almost non-existent break in.

Despite its outer robust look & construction, this Chukka boot is as soft and flexible that you will not believe it — Enjoy an Unparalleled Comfort thanks to buttery soft Unlined uppers complemented by the double Memory Foam layer & the support of the Veg-tan leather welting insole.

A boot that you'll love and wear at all times, our Team has put a lot of time & effort developing this concept and the result is amazing. Needless to say, that as the rest of our shoes & boots, this chukka boot is fully rebuildable when the time comes.

A boot that truly is, as comfortable as it gets.

Available in 4 different shades