Product Description

Were happy to bring back our Italian Shell Cordovan! Now its the time for the contemporary Penny loafer , Goodyear welted on the contemporary ELTON last. Featuring a beautifull handsewn apron & finished with a closed channel chestnut tanned single leather sole._x000D_
Our first impression when we started working with it, is that weve found this Shells to be softer & more flexible (pretty similar to the US-made one in terms of flexibility & tanning) than the Japanese one were also using. While, on the other hand, we found the Japanese Shell finish more natural & very transparent showing the different & beautiful hues of the Shell, while the Italian version is more regular in tone, but when sun-lightened up shows all its beauty. Different ways to produce the same incredible material & both great on its own way!_x000D_
This Italian Shell Cordovan is handmade by a small, family owned Tannery located in the heart of the Tuscany, full vegetable tanned, naturally air dried, finished & glazed by hand to achieve this soft & beautiful result._x000D_
The Cigar shade is a hue that is hard to explain, its an earthy tone of brown that while indoors seem to be dark brown, but when sun lightened up is much lighter & shows all the deepness of the color, as you can note in the picture above. Shoes made with this beautiful leather are made to last & get more confortable over the time. Shoes with this precious leather will develope a deep patina over the time, that will add its very own special character._x000D_
Unfortunately nowadays, Shell Cordovan quantities are very restricted and because of that, this runs are extremely limited._x000D_
MTO Made To Order

  • Construction Goodyear welted
  • Upper leather Shell cordovan
  • Tannery Rocado (italy)
  • Sole Single leather
  • Insole Vegetable tanned leather
  • Lining Du puy veg tan calf
  • Last Elton
  • Uk fitting E (medium)