A Made To Order Group is a new & very dynamic way to offer you a wider range of possibilities. We have created this system to be able to meet your needs of a wider range of possibilities.

This system is based in the crowdsourcing method, where you decide what items move on to production and what doesn't.

Made To Order Groups are conceived as a way to offer you the widest range of possibilities.

Customers support the new item, once the number of units supported reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded and we start the production.

Made To Order groups are all-or-nothing, if the 100% of the goal is not reached, the item won't go into production and all the deposits will be refunded.

If the MTO Group is fully funded, we will just produce the ordered pairs, so these will be made to order for you.

The payment for MTO groups is made once the order is placed. If the group doesn't reach the goal, so that will mean it doesn't go into production, we will proceed your refund.

Those items are offered for a limited time only, and are Made To Order based on the single orders received, so there is no inventory built up of this specific style. This helps us keeping our offer competitive and as wide as possible.

Because of that cancelations, exchanges or returns are not accepted for Made To Order pairs. Thanks for your understanding.

The expected shipping date is listed on each item's product info.

We are sorry! MTO Orders are specially made for you, in case it would be any difficulty during the manufacturing process or it would not meet our quality control standars we will contact you to talk about the situation and ways to fix it.

In case you would be interested in creating an MTO we can take special orders from 10 or more pairs, please contact us with more detailed data about interested MTO model.

Unfortunately if MTO Group is already closed we cannot add more orders.

We suggest you joining le which list and as soon as we came again with the model we will contact you, do not miss the chance to purchase a nice MTO Pair!

We like to heard your ideas, please share with us any idea or proposal you have.

Unfortunately we do not produce single MTO orders.